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H.R. 2505 - Human Cloning Prohibition Act of 2001
(Rep. Weldon (R) FL and five cosponsors)

July 30, 2001 (House)


The Administration supports a ban on the cloning of human beings by somatic cell nuclear transfer. The Administration unequivocally is opposed to the cloning of human beings either for reproduction or for research. The moral and ethical issues posed by human cloning are profound and cannot be ignored in the quest for scientific discovery.

At the same time, the Administration strongly approves of the development of cell and tissue-based therapies based on research involving the use of nuclear transfer or other cloning techniques to produce molecules, DNA, cells other than human embryos, tissues, organs, plants, or animals other than humans. To date, these scientific methods have enabled researchers to develop innovative drugs to treat research, such as breast cancer, or aid in treatment techniques for injury, such as cloning skin cells for skin grafts.

H.R. 2505, which prohibits human cloning by somatic cell nuclear transfer for any purpose, is consistent with the Administration's position. Although some technical issues may warrant further review, the Administration strongly supports the bill's overall intent and would welcome its passage by the House.

The Administration is strongly opposed to any legislation that would prohibit human cloning for reproductive purposes but permit the creation of cloned embryos for research. Thus, the Administration would strongly oppose any substitute amendment that is similar or identical to the language of H.R. 2608, which would permit human embryos to be created and developed solely for research purposes.

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