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662nd meeting – 2-8 March 1999

Item 10.2



Parliamentary Assembly Recommendation 1399 (1999)

(CM/Del/Dec(97)602/6.1b; (99)658/3.1a; CM(98)139; 212; (99)24;

Recommendation R (97)15)


Having regard to the decision under item 10.2b below, the Deputies adopted the following reply to Parliamentary Assembly Recommendation 1399 (1999) on "Xenotransplantation":

"The Committee of Ministers appreciates the importance of the issues addressed by the Parliamentary Assembly in Recommendation 1399 (1999) on "Xenotransplantation". In particular, it shares the Assembly's concern over the ethical and the medical safety aspects of possible xenografts.

In view of the complexity of the subject, and having adopted Recommendation No. R (97) 15 on xenotransplantation in September 1997, the Committee of Ministers has now decided to set up a Working Party on Xenotransplantation (CDBI/CDSP-XENO) under the dual authority of the Steering Committee on Bioethics (CDBI) and the European Health Committee (CDSP). The Working Party's terms of reference are appended to this reply.

Its tasks include the preparation, bearing in mind Parliamentary Assembly Recommendation 1399 (1999), of draft guidelines on xenotransplantation taking into account the activities carried out by other bodies, in particular international, and the necessity of world-wide co-operation. The Parliamentary Assembly may be represented in the Working Party."

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